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Retaining Wall Contractor White Bear Lake MN

Are you looking to separate different parts of your yard that may be on different elevation? Often times, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions near White Bear Lake, Minnesota hear customers complain about having issues dealing with slopes and landscaping on different levels within their yard. This can cause unwanted runoff and an inability for certain areas to properly grow. Luckily, our outdoor landscaping experts have a solution for you. Let us come install a durable retaining wall that will help you designate certain areas of your yard so that soil and natural areas are more level. Continue reading

Patio Paver Installation Company White Bear Lake

Now that warmer days have arrived, you and your family are likely enjoying some much needed time outdoors.  A new patio is a great way to add some additional outdoor living space to your home without breaking the bank. You will be able to host family gatherings, playdates, cookouts or just enjoy the the extra space as you relax — all while knowing that the new patio has increased the value and curb appeal of your home.  BDI Outdoor Solutions specializes in patio installation in the White Bear Lake, Minnesota area and has more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners find new solutions for their outdoor living space. Continue reading

Retaining Wall Installation Company White Bear Lake

For many individuals living in the White Bear Lake, MN area, the landscaping surrounding their home is extremely important. Whether you enjoy the look of your landscaped yard, or if you are trying to boost your curb appeal, maintaining a beautiful yard is no easy task, especially if issues arise. For instance, those living on a hilly landscape often have issues with runoff. If you are having issues growing grass, or if you need to create a flat area within your yard, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions has the solution for you. Team up with our innovative landscaping staff and let us create a custom retaining wall for your property. Continue reading