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Landscape Paver Installer MN

BDI Outdoor SolutionsYou can literally transform your yard or property into a beautiful, relaxing oasis when you partner with BDI Outdoor Solutions. Our team serves residents and business owners in Oakdale and St. Paul, MN and the surrounding area, specializing in all types of landscaping design and maintenance, including installation of custom walkways and patio pavers.  Our experienced team of contractors can design and install custom paver projects of all types, including driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, and more. We offer many unique options of brick and stone to make your project stand out We have many different options of brick and stone to choose to give you exactly the look you want. Continue reading

Landscaping Contractor Minnesota

Landscaping is a very broad term. While some people think of landscaping as taking a rake to the yard when the wind blows, others think of it as beautifying the yard with garden designs and water features. The reality is that both of these answers are right. Landscaping can mean a variety of different things and at BDI Outdoor Solutions, we offer them all. With a broad scope of services, there is always something that BDI Outdoor Solutions can provide to your Minnesota property. Continue reading

Ice and Snow Removal St Paul

BDI Outdoor Solutions serves the people of St. Paul and White Bear Lake, MN, as well as many other parts of the St. Paul Metro Area. During these winter months, and often even into the “spring” months, Minnesota is capable of receiving many inches of snow and ice very quickly. Do YOU want to be the one to blow that snow from your driveway and walkways? Or, worse, do you want to be the one to SHOVEL all that snow from your driveway and walkways? If you don’t have the right tools, snow and ice removal can be miserable and back-breaking work. The BDI Outdoor Solutions staff is trained to do the job the right way, and they have the equipment to do the job quickly and do it the right way. Don’t risk a back injury or heart attack by exerting yourself unnecessarily. Continue reading

Snow Removal St Paul

Life in St. Paul, MN during the winter months can be a little bit more stressful than normal. With frigid temperatures and lots of snow, trying to manage the excess snow on your driveway, walkways or commercial parking lot can quickly become overwhelming. Rather than spending endless hours trying to remove snow from your property, it is time to partner with our professional snow removal team at BDI Outdoor Solutions. We’ve got the equipment and manpower to handle the St. Paul winter for all of our clients. Continue reading

Parking Lot Snow Removal

BDI Outdoor Solutions of Roseville, Minnesota, offers top-notch landscaping services for many communities in and around Roseville. But at this time of year, it is another service offered by BDI Outdoor Solutions that you will want to take advantage of, and that is snow removal. If you own a business or manage a parking lot, you know that Minnesota winters present some unique challenges, dangers and occasionally very high stress levels. Snow is not only heavy and inconvenient; it can also be persistent. BDI Outdoor Solutions offers competitive pricing and guaranteed satisfaction with its parking lot snow removal service. Continue reading

Snow Removal Oakdale MN

BDI Outdoor SolutionsDon’t get caught snowed in! When dealing with snow fall in any conditions, call BDI Outdoor Solutions, and we’ll to come to the rescue. Our plow and snow removal service team can handle snow removal projects of all sizes, ranging from residential sidewalks and driveways to business parking lots and pathways. Let us help you stay toasty warm instead of forcing yourself to dig out there in the snow trenches. If you are in a pinch, don’t hesitate to give us a call; we provide routine or one-time snow removal services to anyone who needs us, ensuring that you aren’t left to fend for yourself when you’re snowed in unexpectedly. You can count on us to be an Oakdale, MN snow removal service that will quickly respond to your call with a solution for your snow removal needs. Continue reading

Snow Removal Oakdale MN

How does Olaf make his bed every morning? With big sheets of ice and blankets of snow. In Oakdale, MN, you can call mother nature “Elsa” because she’s freezing everything around here and it’s about to get even colder. As temperatures drop, homeowners and business owners alike start feeling the real burn of winter in Minnesota. The best way to prepare for all of the winter storm chaos is to leave it all up to us at BDI Outdoor Solutions. Serving Oakdale, MN, we are your professional snow removal company that will help you to survive even the heaviest piles of snow. Continue reading

Snow Removal Roseville MN

For those living in or around Roseville, MN, the fall serves as your final reminder that winter is approaching. For many parts of the country, the winter season just means cold temperatures and a small amount of snow accumulation. In Minnesota, the winter season takes a whole different meaning! Not only do the temperatures get incredibly frigid during the winter months, but Minnesota gets a lot of snow accumulation as well. Having a reliable snow removal team on speed dial is never a bad idea in this part of the country. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we have years of experience with snow removal and we take pride in serving Oakdale, St. Paul and the St. Paul suburbs. Continue reading