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Retaining Wall Contractor White Bear Lake MN

Are you looking to separate different parts of your yard that may be on different elevation? Often times, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions near White Bear Lake, Minnesota hear customers complain about having issues dealing with slopes and landscaping on different levels within their yard. This can cause unwanted runoff and an inability for certain areas to properly grow. Luckily, our outdoor landscaping experts have a solution for you. Let us come install a durable retaining wall that will help you designate certain areas of your yard so that soil and natural areas are more level. Continue reading

Landscaping Experts, Roseville, MN

BDI Outdoor Solutions has been adding value to people’s outdoor living areas in the Roseville MN area for more than two decades. In that time, BDI has earned a reputation for providing unique landscaping solutions for many people and their homes and/or businesses and also offering some of the best customer service in the business. If you take pride in your home’s outward appearance, BDI Outdoor Solutions can lend a great deal to your level of satisfaction and pride. Continue reading

Landscape Design Ideas MN

If you are like many people living in the Minnesota area, you may want to improve the look of your outdoor landscaping, but you may have no idea where to begin. What kind of plants will survive the harsh Minnesota winters, and how often should you water your lawn depending on the season?  BDI Outdoor Solutions specializes in outdoor landscaping design and maintenance for residents and business owners in the Oakdale, MN and surrounding areas.  Our team understands the changing needs of the Minnesota climate and can develop a landscape design plan that will meet your needs and will also thrive in our climate. Continue reading