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Yard Care MN

Dave Ramsey, a financial mastermind who has made a life discussing how to experience financial freedom, has touched several times about whether or not to use a lawn care service. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we’re all ears. We want to know the best ways that we can help our clients dealing with any size budget. In one of his Q & A sessions, he discusses on whether or not professional lawn care maintenance is a feasible option. While budgeting is always an important role to Dave, his answer is an interesting one. Should you be focusing on mowing your lawn or should you be out in the world doing the trade that you were meant to do? At BDI Outdoor Solutions in Minnesota, we aren’t just a luxury, we’re a necessity. We are doing our best trade so that you can go out and do yours!

Commercial Landscaping Care

This gets us the most. When you are a commercial property owner, not only is yard work and lawn mowing time consuming for you, it is a guarantee that it will not be done at the level of efficiency that BDI Outdoor Solutions can do for you. First impressions mean a lot to potential clients. Let us perform your yard maintenance and keep your property looking clean and professional all throughout the year. We will perform snow removal in the winter months, leaf blowing and removal all year round, as well as mulching and weed control. Let us do our trade so that you can do yours.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

If you are even debating this in your home, you obviously have not given BDI Outdoor Solutions a try. We know that every family and property is different, not just landscaping wise. Budgets are important in a residence and we understand that. So when you sit down with our professionals here, we will establish a clear plan that fits your lawn care needs as well as your budget. Perhaps your budget includes weekly lawn mowing or perhaps you need something more in-depth like intensive tree and shrub pruning or insect care. Whatever spectrum you are on, we can work with you to make our services worth it. At the end of the day, a yard that is taken care of makes an immense difference in curb appeal. That is something that both our company and every homeowner can be proud of.

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