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Landscaping Contractors MN

Have you ever looked at a space inside your home and thought about rearranging it? Maybe the couch didn’t look right in the living room or a picture frame needed to be moved. Whatever the case, you took a good look at it and changed it up. You improved your space. That is exactly what we do here at BDI Outdoor Solutions on the outside! We are a landscaping company/contractor serving Oakdale, St. Paul, and more locations around MN so that you have the exact type of landscaping you have been dreaming about. Continue reading

How To Get The Most From Your Backyard MN

Do you have lots of backyard landscape ideas, visions, and dreams for your Minnesota backyard but don’t know where to start?  Making the most of your backyard or transforming your backyard space altogether will require the help of a professional landscape company in Minnesota with plenty of experience with backyard solutions. We know that your Minnesota backyard is full of potential, let BDI Outdoor Solutions help you create the perfect backyard design for you. Continue reading