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My Backyard is Wooded with Old Oaks But I Want a Garden. What Do I Do?

When it comes to important landscaping questions, you shouldn’t tackle them on your own. Aside from the standard questions people ask about yards, being able to answer some of the more difficult questions takes years of experience and education. If you live around the Twin Cities of Minnesota, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions should be your encyclopedia for landscaping! Recently, our staff has been asked what a homeowner should do that wants a garden, but their backyard is wooded with old oaks. Well, the simple answer is to let our team handle this project on your behalf! Continue reading

North Oaks Garden Design and Installation

Some people underestimate the difficulty of creating a garden around your home. You don’t just pick a plant, dig a hole, and hope that the garden takes care of itself. There are a lot of factors that go into creating an ideal garden. From the weather, type of plants, maintenance, etc., designing and installing a garden around your North Oaks, MN home is not an easy task. Lucky for you, our experienced team at BDI Outdoor Solutions is right around the corner from you! We are a garden design and installation contractor serving people around North Oaks, MN. Continue reading