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Landscaping Contractor Minnesota

Landscaping is a very broad term. While some people think of landscaping as taking a rake to the yard when the wind blows, others think of it as beautifying the yard with garden designs and water features. The reality is that both of these answers are right. Landscaping can mean a variety of different things and at BDI Outdoor Solutions, we offer them all. With a broad scope of services, there is always something that BDI Outdoor Solutions can provide to your Minnesota property. Continue reading

Landscaping Contractors MN

Have you ever looked at a space inside your home and thought about rearranging it? Maybe the couch didn’t look right in the living room or a picture frame needed to be moved. Whatever the case, you took a good look at it and changed it up. You improved your space. That is exactly what we do here at BDI Outdoor Solutions on the outside! We are a landscaping company/contractor serving Oakdale, St. Paul, and more locations around MN so that you have the exact type of landscaping you have been dreaming about. Continue reading

Landscaping Contractor for MN

BDI Landscaping Solutions serving MN

BDI Landscape Solutions is a landscaping business dedicated to creating outdoor living spaces and landscapes for enjoyable living, every season of the year in Minnesota.Our team has more than 20 years of experience in design and maintenance, and we’re ready to provide you with solutions for your home or business complex. The sound of trickling water, the crackle of a fire, the smell of your favorite food on the cook top all help us soothe away the stress and fatigue of our busy lives. Our professionals are involved in the entire process from the conceptual plan to finished landscape project, working directly with each client to ensure that the landscape design captures the client’s lifestyle and tastes as well as the best of contemporary design. It is our belief that every project is an opportunity to create something new and different, a sense or feeling that can only be accomplished by transcending stones, plants, water, and wood, we want to make something unique and breathtaking. We also specialize in landscape management, while offering a broad array of services, including snow removal and hardscape installation, to allow easy maintenance, this way, you can come home and not worry about having to prune your plants, mow your grass or shovel your snow, just step outside and enjoy the beauty. Continue reading

Patio Installation Lake Elmo

There’s nothing better during a gathering than moving the party outdoors on a picture perfect day or evening. Enjoying beautiful landscaping by day or candles, stringed lights, and twinkling stars at night is a great way to make your events with family, friends, or coworkers most memorable. If you’ve been dreaming of how great it would be to extend your living space or your workspace, BDI Outdoor Solutions has endless options for custom patio design in Lake Elmo, MN. Continue reading