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Year-Round Outside Commercial Maintenance Contractor

As commercial outdoor maintenance contractors, we’ve gained years of experience providing year-round maintenance for all types of commercial properties. With both lawncare and pressure washing, in addition to our landscaping services, BDI Outdoor Solutions is a full-service St. Paul, Minnesota metro area outdoor maintenance company. Our team helps business owners have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property is always presentable for clients and customers without any hassle to the business owners themselves. That means that on top of all of your business concerns, you won’t have to spend time wondering whether your property has been tended to; you’ll know that it has! Continue reading

Landscape Contractor Oakdale

Land Scaping Contractor OakdaleWhen you’re looking to improve your property, making it look and function exactly the way you’d like, you’ll need a professional landscaping company to help you along the way. From design to building, BDI Outdoor Solutions is the company for you, providing expert landscaping services in the Oakdale, MN area that will leave you with no regrets! We offer a wide selection of landscaping services to make your home or business completely your own, ensuring that you can make the most of the outdoor space on your property. Whether you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space, build a new outdoor living space, add on features to your yard, or otherwise, we’ll be there to help you plan your landscaping project and complete the work as quickly as possible so you’re your property can be used to its maximum potential in no time at all. Continue reading

Affordable Commercial Lawn Care For Small Businesses

BDI is a full service landscaping company that will help provide you with comprehensive design plan for you entire location whether it is residential or commercial, we can help you. When you are looking to maximize the value of every inch of your lawn with cost effective options, which include decks and gazebos, we are here for you. We want to make your Edina home great this summer. We want to make sure that your property is exactly what you want and you have a yard that you can enjoy year around, or at least on the days that are not below zero. Continue reading