Stone Pavers St Paul

Needing a new, fresh look for your outdoor space? At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we install stone pavers for patios, walkways, sidewalks, and more for people in St Paul, MN. If you are searching for custom paver installation in either a residential or commercial property in St Paul, we are the perfect solution for you. With so many different options to choose from, and many years of experience in installation, BDI Outdoor Solutions is the ideal choice. From standard walkways and patios to enormous fire pits and outdoor kitchens, our stone pavers can make your next outdoor party an extravagant outdoor oasis.

Patio Paving

Patios in St. Paul, MN are a magnificent way to entertain guests or just sit outside and relax with a cup of coffee in the mornings. We have had many clients that choose to design a custom paver patio that fits their particular wants and needs. Some choose a simple and low-key option, while others choose an extravagant look with intricate detail and grand designs. Either way, our experts can install your stone patio and make it just the way you like. We ensure this by the way we communicate to every client that we work with.

Paving for Walkways

There are so many different types of stone walkways in the St. Paul area. Whether you are looking for a walkway to your home or business, or wanting walkways to connect different buildings or areas of the yard, BDI Outdoor Solutions can tastefully install gorgeous walkways that will impress everyone that steps foot onto it.

Paving Sidewalks

Sidewalks are extremely functional but it does not mean that they can’t be attractive too! Our professionals here can install sidewalks that add beauty and ambiance to any outdoor space. Having a stone sidewalk adds elegance that is not found in your traditional sidewalk view. It is a gorgeous way to enjoy a walk, run, or anything else you may want to do on a sidewalk.

At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we are a custom paver contractor company that has over 20 years of experience installing stone pavers for patios, walkways, sidewalks and so much more. Our team is experienced, flexible, detail oriented, easy to communicate with, and ultimately produces quality work that cannot be beat. For more information about BDI Outdoor Solutions or to find out more about stone pavers in St. Paul, MN, give us a call today at (651) 235-7411 or send us an email at

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