Snow Removal Contractor MN

Prompt, Professional Snow Removal Services

BDI Outdoor SolutionsKeep your driveways and walkways clear when the snows roll in each winter by choosing the right team for snow removal. Our landscaping professionals are ready to clear any residential or commercial area for clients whenever the snow begins to fall. In Minnesota a blizzard can dump a foot of snow on your property in no time, and if you are not prepared for it, your day could be ruined.

Prepare for any storm before the winter months even begin by hiring our plow and our snow removal service team. We can snap into action at a moment’s notice, at any time of day or night. Our team clears sidewalks and driveways around your home, and the parking lots, loading docks, and more that your business depends on. Our contract snow removal services ensure that you’ll never have to call us to come out to the property.

Make safety a priority at your home or place of business by hiring a team with the right tools and equipment and proven products. We are ready to sand and salt your driveways and paths with reliable de-icing products that won’t cause damaging run-off in the spring and leave your landscape looking like a mess. You can get a better idea of the costs involved with this process by contacting us for a free quote today. We are always available when you need us the most, so make a wise investment that will save you a great deal of time and effort.

Safe Snow Removal

When a foot of snow accumulates on your property over the course of a winter weekend, you need a snow removal service that gets the job done without needless delay. This is Minnesota, after all, work may shut down in other areas of the country when a blizzard comes around, but not here, and you have places to be. So when you need to get out of the house and you don’t have time to grab a shovel, our snow plow is ready to clear out your driveway and parking lot.

Our snow removal team is capable of taking on projects of all shapes and sizes. At any time of the day or night, our plows are ready to snap into action, as many can’t afford to wait when snow suddenly drops. We offer our snow removal service to both residential and commercial customers so that no matter who you are, you can get where you need to go without having to grab the shovel out of your trunk.

Prevent the possibility of back injuries and more when heavy, wet snow falls to the ground. Our snow removal experts will ensure that you don’t have to pick up a shovel, eliminating the risk for injuries and worse, the kind we always read about in the newspaper. Give us a call and let our experts with the right tools remove the snow so you don’t have to.

Cost-Effective Snow Removal

If the parking lot at your commercial establishment is completely snowed in, you could face a potentially devastating loss of business. People will be less likely to pull into your parking lot if they are worried about getting stuck or hitting a patch of ice.

Our team quickly comes to your aid with a powerful plow and proven de-icing products. Discover how much time and money you can save by establishing a partnership with our landscaping design team by scheduling a consultation today.

Contact us at any time of day when you find yourself in need of quick and convenient snow removal. We proudly serve customers in the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, and surrounding communities.