Snow Removal Oakdale MN

How does Olaf make his bed every morning? With big sheets of ice and blankets of snow. In Oakdale, MN, you can call mother nature “Elsa” because she’s freezing everything around here and it’s about to get even colder. As temperatures drop, homeowners and business owners alike start feeling the real burn of winter in Minnesota. The best way to prepare for all of the winter storm chaos is to leave it all up to us at BDI Outdoor Solutions. Serving Oakdale, MN, we are your professional snow removal company that will help you to survive even the heaviest piles of snow.

The Uncertainty of Snow

Many people have “googled” the best way to prepare for snow up in the north. We generally say, go big or go home. We prepare for all size snowstorms months in advance so that we are fully prepared and ready to take on anything that the winter season brings. The bottom line is, no one can predict how bad the weather is going to be. So when snow falls at a moment’s notice and you can’t safely leave your home or enter your business, we will be there ready to help you through it. We don’t let snowflakes hinder the productivity of your life!

Snow Removal in Oakdale, MN

Our team of professionals works diligently to remove your snow as fast and as safely as possible. Keep that shovel in the garage and stay in where it’s warm. After all, when snow falls, emergency departments tend to get a lot busier with back injuries and slippery accidents. Our snow plow is standing by to clear out your driveway and/or parking lot. We take on both residential and commercial properties, no job is too big or small.

The Cost of Safety and Convenience

Ultimately, your safety and convenience should have no price limit! You need your property to be a safe place for you at home and/or for your customers or employees in a business. Our team has powerful plows that remove the snow and we have effective de-icing agents that will keep your property safe. We offer both contract and one-time service deals to anyone in Oakdale, MN. However, partnering with us during the winter months under a contract means that you never have to worry about making it safely out of your driveway. Why? Because we will be there!

For more information on snow removal and our contract/one-time service in Oakdale, MN, give BDI Outdoor Solutions a call today at (651) 235-7411 or send us an email at

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