Snow Removal 24/7 Oakdale

As the heart of winter approaches, we all know what to expect…snow, snow and more snow! Snow piles up on our driveways, sidewalks, walkways, in parking lots and other areas of your property. Snow can come fast and furiously and removing snow quickly is important for your safety and the safety your loved ones and any potential guests and/or customers. BDI Outdoor Solutions specializes in snow removal for residents and business owners of Oakdale, MN and can start anytime you need it, even just after the snow begins to fall.

24/7 Snow Removal Services Oakdale

BDI Outdoor Solutions offers a wide variety of snow removal services for those homeowners and business owners in the Oakdale area. These services are offered anytime you need it and include the following:

● Snow plowing services that can quickly clear a driveway, parking lot or walkway
● De-icing services including salt and sand to make sidewalks and walkways safer
● 24/7 service
● Affordable pricing
● Professional grade equipment that ensures that each job is done correctly the first time and snow is thoroughly removed.

The BDI Outdoor Solutions team has more than twenty years of experience. In addition to offering snow removal services in the winter, we also provide landscaping services, overall lawn maintenance, outdoor living space design and installation, installation of water and fire features, garden design, and power washing services for your property. We offer these services all year round, and add the snow removal during the winter months. Our crew understands the Minnesota climate and can help you make decisions about how to help maximize the potential of your lawn.

Do Not Lift A Shovel This Winter

BDI Outdoor Solutions has the equipment needed to easily remove even large amounts of snow from your property without you even have to lift a shovel. You can save yourself a significant amount of time, effort and strain on your back by partnering with our company. Our crew is focused entirely on customer satisfaction and has achieved success by responding to customer needs, offering affordable prices and being professional and courteous on each and every job. BDI Outdoor Solutions will treat your property as their own.

For more information about the comprehensive snow removal and lawn maintenance services offered by the BDI Outdoor Solutions team, call us at 651-235-7411. We can do some of the jobs around your property that take significant time and effort without breaking the bank.

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