Snow Plowing and Shoveling Contractor White Bear Lake MN

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Service MNLooking for snow plowing, shoveling, or snow removal services in or near White Bear Lake, Minnesota? Look no further than BDI Outdoor Solutions. We are here to ensure that any sudden snow fall does not negatively impact your business or prevent you from going about your day. Let your local snow removal professionals take care of you, your property, and your business. We are able to take on all snow removal projects, including clearing residential driveways, commercial properties, walkways, loading docks, and lots. Not only do we shovel, we plow snow and provide reliable and proven de-icing solutions like salting walkways and roadways. Don’t let a little snow keep you in when you can give us a call!

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

Our snow removal experts at BDI Outdoor Solutions have the tools and experience to quickly, safely, and professionally prepare your property for incoming and unexpected snowfall. We also have shoveling teams and plows to remove snow before you notice it’s there with our contract snow removal services. We use proven de-icing solutions, like salting and sanding driveways, walkways, and lots to keep you and your customers safe while protecting your property. Don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call at any time during the day or at night. Don’t risk slipping and sliding when we can salt and sand your driveways and walking path. We provide both residential and commercial services and will quickly provide much-needed services conveniently and professionally because we know that you can’t wait all day for the snow to go away.

Contract and One-Time Snow Plowing and Shoveling

Why shovel when you can hire a pro? Let our professional snow plowing and shoveling teams keep you on the road and prevent you from getting stuck at home after having your morning coffee. We’ll also help ensure that you keep your business open, no matter how much snow has fallen, by keeping your lot and walkways clear of snow and ice-free so that your business is just as welcoming for your customers as always. To stay ahead of the blizzard and ensure that your property isn’t a hazard to your guests or customers, try out our contract snow removal services so that we’re on your property shoveling and plowing before you even know that it’s snowed. Contact BDI Outdoor Solutions today at (651) 235-7411 or, and we’ll provide you with a free snow removal quote for one-time snow removal or contract snow removal work. Our clients’ safety is our chief concern, and we make sure that with our professional de-icing, shoveling, and plowing services, we keep as many people as safe as we can.

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