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Egress Window Retaining WallThings would be a lot easier for homeowners if their Minneapolis yard was flat. There would be no issues of runoff, drainage problems, etc. The truth, however, is that a lot of yards in Minneapolis are not entirely flat. Some homeowners feel like they have a lot of wasted space on their property because of the excess slope. Well, at BDI Outdoor Solutions, we have a solution that you may not have ever thought of. We build retaining walls for people in Minneapolis and MN that are eager to get more out of their yard.

The BDI Way

At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we take pride in the way that our Minneapolis, MN community looks. Over the last 20 years, we’ve given it our all to help residential and commercial properties achieve the landscaping look that they deserve. Our end goal with all of our landscaping projects to is create a look that will catch the eyes of anyone that stops by your property. That same passion flows into our retaining wall installation services. Working year around, we can meet with you at your convenience to design and create a retaining wall that fits your every need. If you are in the early stages, no need to worry as we offer retaining wall consultations for free.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

While getting more out of your sloped yard is one benefit of investing in a retaining wall, there are other ways that retaining walls can be used. These uses include:

  • Erosion Prevention
  • Watershed Control
  • Unique Accent to your Yard
  • Natural Area Creation
  • Many More!

Common Retaining Wall Materials

Whether you are looking for functionality or a decorative accent to your landscape, we have retaining walls to fit all needs. Bring your ideas to our dedicated retaining wall team and we’ll do our best to bring your dreams to reality. Over our 20 years in the landscaping industry, we have created rustic, classic and modern looking retaining walls that look perfect with the home on the property. Our staff does not shy away from creating retaining walls with a wide variety of materials. Instead, we gladly offer retaining walls in the following materials:

  • Boulders
  • Stone
  • Insulated Concrete
  • Blocks
  • Timber

If your property is filled with slopes and hills that make a lot of your Minneapolis land useless, our crew at BDI Outdoor Solutions can help. Now is the time to invest in a top of the line retaining wall that will allow you to get more out of your yard. To learn more about our retaining wall services, give us a call today at (651) 235-7411 or email

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