Parking Lot Snow Removal

BDI Outdoor Solutions has served the businesses and commercial sectors of St. Paul and Woodbury, Minnesota, for more than twenty years. Though BDI Outdoor Solutions has gained its excellent reputation because of its great work in commercial and home landscaping, you can also count on BDI during the winter months to clear your business’s parking lot of the hefty amounts of snow and ice that accumulate so reliably in Minnesota. It is one thing to get out your shovel—or if you’re lucky, your snow-blower—and clear your own driveway and/or sidewalk. But you want to ensure that there is no accumulation in your parking lots that could cause problems for your customers.

Keep Your Parking Lots Safe This Winter

When you establish a contract with BDI Outdoor Solutions, you will be assured of competitive pricing. Next, you will experience the relief of knowing that, when the snow and ice begin to fall, your business property’s parking lot and walkways will be cleared by professionals who have the tools to do the job fast and thoroughly. You will be able to open the doors to your business and keep the money flowing, knowing that your customers or clients will be able to access your business without issue. You can rest easy knowing that your parking lots will be safe for all who use them.

24/7 Parking Lot Snow Removal Services

The staff of BDI Outdoor Solutions will respond immediately to your snow and ice removal needs. If you have a contract with them, you will not even have to make a phone call. The staff will come to your property and do the work that you have agreed upon in your contract. You will have to do next to nothing, but your parking lot and walkways will be cleared. That is a peace of mind that few Minnesota business owners understand they can have. But BDI Outdoor Solutions makes it easy for you to achieve that peace of mind. BDI has the tools that can minimize the time and expense of snow and ice removal. And because they have the capacity and equipment for quick and thorough snow removal, you will not have to do the work yourself.
When springtime comes, consider BDI for your other landscaping needs too. But until that time comes, it’s the snow and ice that requires your attention. Let BDI take that stress off your back. Call (651) 235-7411 for a free estimate.

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