North Oaks Garden Design and Installation

Some people underestimate the difficulty of creating a garden around your home. You don’t just pick a plant, dig a hole, and hope that the garden takes care of itself. There are a lot of factors that go into creating an ideal garden. From the weather, type of plants, maintenance, etc., designing and installing a garden around your North Oaks, MN home is not an easy task. Lucky for you, our experienced team at BDI Outdoor Solutions is right around the corner from you! We are a garden design and installation contractor serving people around North Oaks, MN.

Dedicated Outdoor Contractor

There is no offseason when it comes to our landscapers. Our landscaping professionals have been providing garden installation and design services for more than 20 years. We have been able to maintain a strong presence around the North Oaks area thanks to our affordable prices and commitment to customers. Without our customers, this company wouldn’t be around, which is why we take every landscaping project so seriously. We love boosting the curb appeal of homes around the community and seeing our clients spending time in their customized garden!

Creative Landscaping Garden Design North Oaks

When it comes to your dream garden, there has to be some things that are must haves. What is great about a partnership with our staff at BDI Outdoor Solutions is that we take your input and apply it to the landscape design so that the final product is personalized to your needs. The opportunities for your garden are endless. Just sit back, and let us get to work for you! The most common garden installation services we provide members of the North Oaks community include:

  • Aquatic Gardens and Ponds
  • Bird Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Flower Gardens
  • Fruit Orchards
  • Rain Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens

Before you tackle a gardening project on your own, you may want to reconsider if you are making the right decision. Not only is the garden design and installation process incredibly difficult, but do you have the experience to truly know which plants, bushes and trees can withstand the weather around North Oaks, MN year around? At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we are garden design and installation experts that have completed tons of landscaping projects over the last 20 years. Give us a call today at (651) 235-7411 or email and let us get started on your dream garden!

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