Nontoxic Pressure Washing

When you’re deciding to pressure wash your property, it’s important to consider which pressure washing company you’re going to hire for your pressure washing needs. When making the decisions, there are three main factors to consider: whether the pressure washing company provides hot water pressure washing services, whether the company has the right pressure washing equipment and experience needed to meet your needs, and perhaps most importantly, whether the company utilized nontoxic pressure washing agents. If you’ve been struggling to find a Oakdale, White Bear lake or Roseville, Minnesota pressure washing company that meets all of these criteria, don’t worry; BDI Outdoor Solutions does! Our Minnesota nontoxic pressure washing services are powerful and reliable, ensuring that, whatever time of year it is, you have a power washing service at your disposal who will provide exactly the services you’re looking for without you having to compromise.

Avoid Harmful Pressure Washing Chemicals

If you’ve never researched the differences in pressure washing agents, it’s important that you understand the importance of a nontoxic pressure washing service. By hiring power washing company that works exclusively with nontoxic pressure washing agents, you can be sure that our equipment will not harm anything on your property, including your plant life. Often times, pressure washers that use toxic chemicals in their pressure washing detergents end up damaging grass, plants, and trees, doing more harm than good. However, when you use BDI, you can be sure you’re getting a nontoxic pressure wash that won’t affect your plant life and will only work to clean your property from top to bottom.

Wintertime Hot Pressure Washing

Hot pressure washing is especially beneficial in the wintertime when you’re trying to get your property clean without making it a hazard by letting water freeze on your property. By making use of our hot pressure washing services, you can wash away gunk and grime, reversing the negative effects of wind, rain, and dirt while also removing layers of frost from your property without worrying about the aftereffects.

Experienced Professional Pressure Washing Company

Maintaining the appearance of your property is an important element of maintaining property value. If you’re interested in sustaining a stable property value for your home, you should invest in a reliable and professional pressure washing service that can help you keep your home looking clean year-round. With hot pressure washing, we’re able to keep decks, siding, walkways, garages, steps, and more clean without you having to worry about us leaving behind leftover dirt or grime. And, with our nontoxic pressure washing detergent, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about the health of your plants when we come to power wash your property, letting you rest easy knowing that your home really will look more beautiful by the time we leave. For Oakdale, White Bear lake or Roseville, MN nontoxic pressure washing services, contact BDI Outdoor Solutions at (651) 235-7411, or email

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