My Backyard is Wooded with Old Oaks But I Want a Garden. What Do I Do?

When it comes to important landscaping questions, you shouldn’t tackle them on your own. Aside from the standard questions people ask about yards, being able to answer some of the more difficult questions takes years of experience and education. If you live around the Twin Cities of Minnesota, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions should be your encyclopedia for landscaping! Recently, our staff has been asked what a homeowner should do that wants a garden, but their backyard is wooded with old oaks. Well, the simple answer is to let our team handle this project on your behalf!

Low Sunlight Necessary Plants

The key to creating a garden where you have tall oak trees is to do some research before you begin to dig. Those tall oak trees are beautiful, and there should be no reason for you to cut them down! Instead, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions can recommend some low sunlight necessary plants that can survive in the shade. A sample of these shrubs and plants include:

  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Virginia Bluebells
  • Impatiens
  • Begonias
  • Ferns
  • Azaleas
  • Rhododendrons

Year Around Service

By developing a partnership with our team, you’ll have professional landscapers on your side year around. Unlike so many of our competitors in the area, we do not take the winter months off. We’ll help you keep tabs on your garden surrounded by old oak trees so that those plants get the attention that they need.

Other Shaded Garden Tips

While each landscape is different, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions has some other tips to turn your shaded area under the old oak trees into a jaw dropping landscape that will make your neighbors jealous. Other tips we can implement into your garden include:

  • Designated Pathways – The look of a pathway between your low sunlight necessary plants creates a beautiful accent for your garden.
  • Bright Plants – Planting bright plants that can survive the shade is a great idea because it brings more color to your garden under the oaks.
  • Art Accents – Our design team can help you incorporate art into your garden to help bring in some personalization and added light.
  • Water Features – Consider investing in a small stream or pond to really make your garden pop!

Don’t give up on creating a beautiful garden under those old oak trees in MN. Give our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions a call today, and let us help you create the perfect garden for your shaded backyard. For a free quote, contact us at (651) 235-7411 or by emailing

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