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Gazebos and pergolas are both great structures to improve the look of the landscaping in your yard while also giving you a place to sit and feel comfortable, a place you can call your own. Each one has its own benefits but both add beauty and function to your property. Whether you have a business setting with a spot that calls for a pergola or gazebo, or you have a home that just needs something in that spot in the yard, BDI Outdoor Solutions can design and build the perfect gazebo, pergola, or other outdoor living space for you. And if a cabana is more of what you’re looking for, we can do that too.

Gazebo or Pergola

While a pergola is considered a type of gazebo, there are differences between the two. A gazebo is typically a type of pavilion structure that can be free standing or attached to a wall such as that of a garden. They can be open or screened-in to prevent mosquitoes from getting to you (if you want a gazebo around any type of water in Minnesota, we recommend considering having it screened-in; it will save your sanity). Gazebos also normally have traditional roofs, like shingles.

Pergolas, on the other hand, are open structures (free standing or otherwise) with an open top. They were traditionally used as garden structures for climbing vines, and still can be used that way today. But most often people use them today much like that of a gazebo. The top of a pergola (it’s difficult to call it a “roof”) has slats. While these don’t protect people from rain, they do help block some of the rays from the setting sun, when it’s at its strongest. Many people like the openness of a pergola coupled with the fact that they give some protection from the sun. The preference is entirely up to you.

Gazebo Construction

BDI Outdoor Solutions builds gazebos for properties around the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you have a home, a public park, an outdoor business space, or any other type of area, we can design and build a gazebo that fits your needs. Gazebos are normally built with wood, but they can also be built with many other materials, too. This is not a common occurrence, however. They can also be built in different shapes, although the two most common are square and octagonal. There really are many options and looks for gazebos. Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to meet with you and discuss what you want for a gazebo, the design and location.

Pergola Construction

Pergolas can be built from many different materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and more. Wood is still the most popular, but other materials are starting to gain traction due to the low maintenance required and lasting durability. BDI Outdoor Solutions designs and builds pergolas for property owners around the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you want a pergola for climbing plants to add to the garden look you have going in your yard, or you want a clearly defined space to sit and relax, but one that is more open than a gazebo, we can build it for you. Our sturdy pergola construction will ensure that your structure will be up and stable for years to come. Contact us and we will gladly go over your options with you.

Gazebo and Pergola Maintenance

If, for whatever reason, the structural integrity of your gazebo or pergola is suffering, we can come out to your property and to some maintenance on it. Perhaps the structure was built before you bought the property and the previous builder wasn’t up to snuff. Whatever the reason, we will come out and fix it up so that it is durable for many years to come.

BDI Outdoor Solutions handles all manner of gazebo and pergola construction for residential and commercial properties around the Twin Cities metro area. And since they are so similar, we also build cabanas if you are more interested in those, as well. Call us to set up an appointment and get started.

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