Landscaping With Fire Features

Fire features have come a long way from setting up a steel ring in the backyard for a fire pit, or finding rocks in the river and building one yourself. BDI Outdoor Solutions installs many types of fire features for home and business owners around the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you have a commercial property such as a restaurant with an outdoor patio and want a large fire pit for your customers to gather around, or you have a backyard and want a paver patio with a custom fire pit built into the patio, we can design and install it for you so that it is beautiful and lasting. Give us a call today and we will get started on designing an area that incorporates a beautiful and functional fire feature for you.

Fire Pits

Everyone loves gathering around a fire. Even on those most hot of nights in Minnesota, a fire pit brings people together. There they can talk, laugh, enjoy a drink, and more. And the last thing anyone wants to worry about during those times is the condition of the fire pit. A fire pit should be durable and lasting, able to withstand the heat that comes from a fire whenever it is called up. BDI Outdoor Solutions designs and installs fire pits for property owners around the Twin Cities metro area. There are many options to choose from when deciding to have a custom fire pit built on your property, such as size, style and even shape. A paver patio with a fire pit built into it is very popular these days, as it looks like one seamless piece and is beautiful when designed to fit into an existing landscape. You can also choose to have a fire pit built into the ground or built up with walls protruding from the ground around it. And the shape of your fire pit doesn’t necessarily have to be round, either. Custom built fire pits can be square, triangular, or any custom shape you can think of.

Additionally, you have your choice of materials when having a custom fire pit built. Fire pits can be built from brick, stone (including lava rock, river rock, and more options), concrete blocks, and more. They can have steel linings are be bare to the building material. And you don’t even have to settle for a wood burning fire pit. Although many people would agree they are the best, local environmental codes may restrict wood burning fire pits, and this is where gas and propane may be better option for you so that you can have the fire pit you want. When you meet with us, we will go over all your options with you, discuss cost and the breadth of your project.

Custom BBQs

Are you longing for a custom masonry BBQ? BDI Outdoor Solutions can build a custom BBQ for you so that you can grill in style. Our custom BBQs can be built from concrete, blocks, stone, brick, and more. Everyone will want to gather at your house when the idea of grilling is brought up. And we can build a custom BBQ along with a larger project that may involve a paver patio and fire pit and more. Contact us today to get started.

Fire Features Contractor

BDI Outdoor Solutions builds many types of custom fire features for home and businesses around the Twin Cities metro area. From restaurants to clubs, country clubs to rooftop corporate entertainment areas, our fire features are sought after by many businesses in the area. And whether you have a riverside home on the Mississippi or a backyard haven in a suburb, out fire features are great all. Give us a call today and we will get started on your project.

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