Deck & Patio Landscaping Services MN

Decks and patios are great for enjoying Minnesota summers. You can relax on a quiet evening in the middle of the week, and you can entertain with family and friends on the weekend, grill some food, enjoy a cold beverage and catch up. BDI Outdoor Solutions builds and maintains decks and patios for homes and businesses around the Twin Cities and metro area. Whether you have a corporate suite that needs space for entertaining clients outdoors, or you have a home with a backyard and want a place for you and your family, we can design and build the perfect outdoor space for you, be it a deck, patio, or some combination of the two. And if you want an outdoor kitchen or custom built fire place to go with your deck or patio, we have built many of those, too. Give us a call today and we will meet with you and discuss your options for a deck, patio, or other type of outdoor living space.

Deck Installation

These days, it’s not enough to simply have a deck. People want one that’s useful, aesthetically pleasing, and makes full use of the space allowed for the deck. And that’s exactly what we provide at BDI Outdoor Solutions. We will design a deck for you that maximizes the space allotted for the deck, and we will make sure that it fits within your style ideas. And any features that you want for your new deck, we will incorporate them. Contact us today and let us know your thoughts. It doesn’t matter how big are small the area is that you want for your deck. We will build you one that’s useful and beautiful.

Patio Installation

Patios are another great option for relaxing outside. Let’s be honest, both decks and patios are great. The only real question is, do you have a ground floor walk-out patio door, or an upper level door? We all want a place to relax, entertain, enjoy the sun, have a drink and eat some charred meat. And if you have a ground floor walk-out, a patio is the perfect place to do it. BDI Outdoor Solutions will install a patio at your home so that you can do all the things mentioned above and more. We will design something that is comfortable, beautiful, and useful for you, from the ultra-simple to the mind-blowingly extravagant. And if you want, we can build a fire pit into your new patio. So when the sun goes down, you can put away the grill and relax in front of a custom built fire pit. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

Deck Maintenance

If you’ve noticed some rot points on your deck, or simply looks a little worse for wear, we can do some maintenance and upkeep on the deck to make sure it’s around for many more years. Whether the railing is in rough shape, the decking, crossbeams, posts, or all of the above, BDI Outdoor Solutions will do the proper maintenance so that you don’t have to completely replace your deck and that there are no worries about your family being safe and comfortable on it. We will replace any lumber that is begging for it, as well as stain and seal the deck according to your wishes and what we discuss. If you have a deck that’s asking for some attention, give us a call today.

Patio Maintenance

Have you noticed some cracks in the concrete, brick, tile, or stone that makes up the flooring of your patio? Do you have a covered patio and the roof needs some attention? If so, then the patio you have probably needs some work to get it back to the way you want. In terms of functionality, these things probably don’t matter much to most people. But they do affect both the visual appeal and the long term durability of the patio. Watering seeping into the material used for the flooring can damage it further. And while a roof isn’t necessarily affected by visual appeal, a damaged roof can have water leaks and no one wants that. These are just a few of the concerns we deal with whenever we do maintenance on a patio. If you have a patio that needs some care, give us a call today and we’ll get started.

BDI Outdoor Solutions provides deck and patio installation and maintenance to homes and businesses around the Twin Cities metro area. You can also combine these with an outdoor kitchen or custom fire pit to really make your own place. Whatever kind of outdoor living space you are looking for, we can take care of it for you. If you have some deck, patio, or related question, give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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