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The exterior of your home offers your loved ones and guests that all important first impression of your property.  Keeping the outside of your home looking its best takes time, effort and a bit of an investment.  This season, you may be looking for help maintaining the outside of your home or you may have a vision of adding a patio, retaining wall or even a water feature to the outside of your home or property to add to its curb appeal.  BDI Outdoor Solutions of Minnesota can help you with all types of exterior home projects and can make your dreams for the exterior of your home a reality!

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No matter what your vision for your exterior solution project may be, BDI can help.  We enjoy projects that are large or small and always communicate clearly with our customers and respect our clients, their space and their budget.  We generally focus on the following broad areas of work but are never afraid of a job that asks for additional creativity.

Outdoor Spaces:  If you have been wanting to expand your outdoor area or create an outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining, you may want to consider a patio, gazebo, bridge, fire pit or even a small cabana.  BDI Outdoor Solutions has experience designing and building all types of outdoor spaces to meet your needs and your budget.  Our patio pavers are some of the best in the area and can complete a patio project in just a matter of days.

Water Features:  Water features add a beautiful and tranquil element to your home and can be designed for nearly any property.  Choose between a waterfall, fountain, or stream to create your own oasis right in your backyard.  BDI Outdoor Solutions has a water feature designer that will help create the perfect water feature for your home.

Driveways, Retaining Walls and Boulders:  Using retaining walls, boulders and pavers can help you define different areas in your yard, increase safety and functionality.

General Landscaping:  BDI Outdoor Solutions also provides gardening and lawn maintenance services for those in the Oakdale, MN area and our maintenance team is happy to come up with the perfect plan that meets your specific needs.

Partner WIth BDI Outdoor Solutions This Season

If you would like more information about BDI Outdoor Solutions’ range of services and landscape contracting, call 651-235-7411.  We offer free estimates for any job and over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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