Landscape Design Ideas MN

If you are like many people living in the Minnesota area, you may want to improve the look of your outdoor landscaping, but you may have no idea where to begin. What kind of plants will survive the harsh Minnesota winters, and how often should you water your lawn depending on the season?  BDI Outdoor Solutions specializes in outdoor landscaping design and maintenance for residents and business owners in the Oakdale, MN and surrounding areas.  Our team understands the changing needs of the Minnesota climate and can develop a landscape design plan that will meet your needs and will also thrive in our climate.

Landscaping Services, MN

BDI Outdoor Solutions can complete a wide variety of landscaping services at residential and commercial properties for those in and around the Twin Cities area.  These services include:

  • General landscaping
  • Lawn maintenance all year long
  • Power washing services (exterior of your home, driveway, deck, etc.)
  • Snow removal
  • Outdoor living projects including water features, fire features, and outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Garden and landscape design and maintenance

Landscape Design Ideas From An Outdoor Contractor

BDI Outdoor Solutions is a full service landscape company that can develop and implement a full design plan for your entire residential or commercial property.  We can help you utilize the current structure of your property but will add knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that every inch of your lawn is maximized.  We will recommend the best plants and the best positions for planting so that they can grow and thrive for years to come.  We also come up with a design plan that always has keen eye for the overall look of the property.  If you are looking for a pop of color or want to add a serene natural area, a vegetable garden, or an outdoor kitchen, our design team can help.

Landscaping Contractor, MN

If you would like to partner with the team at BDI Outdoor Solutions, call today at (651) 235-7411. Our landscaping contractors are happy to provide free estimates for the work you want done and can offer suggestions for your property if you are looking for design input. We also understand that you may have a strict budget for this project and our team will always be respectful of financial constraints. Our team can help you utilize the exterior of your property in the best possible way – for relaxing or entertaining, or just enjoying the outdoors when the weather allows!

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