Ice and Snow Removal St Paul

BDI Outdoor Solutions serves the people of St. Paul and White Bear Lake, MN, as well as many other parts of the St. Paul Metro Area. During these winter months, and often even into the “spring” months, Minnesota is capable of receiving many inches of snow and ice very quickly. Do YOU want to be the one to blow that snow from your driveway and walkways? Or, worse, do you want to be the one to SHOVEL all that snow from your driveway and walkways? If you don’t have the right tools, snow and ice removal can be miserable and back-breaking work. The BDI Outdoor Solutions staff is trained to do the job the right way, and they have the equipment to do the job quickly and do it the right way. Don’t risk a back injury or heart attack by exerting yourself unnecessarily.

Snow Removal As Soon As Flakes Begin To Fall

BDI Outdoor Solutions gained its reputation for excellent work and unsurpassed customer service by taking care in the development of their professional skills and extending to their customers the kind of courtesy so often missing in service-provision businesses. During the cold of winter, when the winds whip and the snow accumulates and the ice builds up on your home’s walking and driving surfaces, you should feel confident in the knowledge that your property is safe and that you will be safe.

The realities of life, especially for Minnesotans, do not often stop because of a snow or ice storm. In fact, because the world seems to move faster than ever before, people who own or rent homes may find that they don’t have the necessary time to clear their driveway and walkways thoroughly enough. In order to ensure that you get to work on time, you may rush through the job of clearing ice and snow. You or a family member could fall and hurt themselves because of an inadequately cleared driveway or walkway. But when you entrust your property to the staff of BDI Outdoor Solutions, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that they have completed the job the way you agreed they would. And they will automatically clean your property without even a phone call!

Year Round Property Maintenance

BDI has been an important presence in the St. Paul and White Bear Lake areas for more than twenty years and established a stellar reputation by creating beautiful landscaping for property owners all year round. They are good at what they do and when spring and summer come, BDI Outdoor Solutions is the company to call when the time comes to mow your lawn, aerate and seed, trim your shrubs, clear brush, build a retaining, etc. If what you want them to do is simply keep your grass short, they can do that. If you want BDI to build structures like waterfalls and retaining walls, they can do that too. But until the warmer weather returns, you are left to deal with the build-up of that white stuff.

BDI is prepared for the rigors of working with snow and ice. Let them do that work so you don’t have to. Call (651) 235-7411 for more information or to receive a free estimate!

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