Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Spring is here and that means warmer temperatures, more time outdoors and flowers blooming. This time of year is also when residential yards and commercial property need the most attention. Grass begins to grow, weeds start to pop up and suddenly your property looks more like a jungle than a well groomed piece of property. BDI Outdoor Solutions of St. Paul, MN specializes in commercial lawn maintenance and will take great care of your property and help you make a great first impression to your clients and customers all year round.

Comprehensive Lawn Services

Keeping your commercial lawn well maintained is important, and time consuming. Hiring the BDI Solutions team allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and feel confident knowing that the exterior of your property will look professional, clean and inviting! BDI Outdoor Solutions has experience partnering with all types of commercial clients, including retail shopping centers, town home and apartment communities and even small businesses. Our team can complete a wide variety of year round lawn maintenance services including:

● Weed control
● Leaf blowing and removal
● Mulching
● Regular mowing and edging
● Aeration
● Grub control
● Landscape design and maintenance
● Plant and tree installation
● Non-toxic power washing
● Snow removal from your parking lot

Commercial Lawn Maintenance on Your Budget

The team at BDI Outdoor Solutions understands that you do not have an unlimited budget when it comes to your commercial lawn maintenance. We are happy to sit down with you and listen to your goals and priorities for your property and develop a detailed lawn maintenance plan that will work for your property and your budget. We can establish weekly or monthly service, and help find ways to save you time and money. Our team offers free estimates as well so that you can get a sense of exactly how much different services will cost. The bottom line is that we can help keep the exterior of your business looking clean, well-maintained and looking its best to attract and keep your customers/clients.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping and Maintenance

In addition to commercial lawn maintenance, BDI Exterior Solutions can also take care of residential properties, offering traditional lawn services as well as garden design, and deck and patio installation. We can even build you a fire pit or a retaining wall! If you own property in the St. Paul, MN area, call our team for more information at 651-235-7411.

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