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Landscape Paver Installer MN

BDI Outdoor SolutionsYou can literally transform your yard or property into a beautiful, relaxing oasis when you partner with BDI Outdoor Solutions. Our team serves residents and business owners in Oakdale and St. Paul, MN and the surrounding area, specializing in all types of landscaping design and maintenance, including installation of custom walkways and patio pavers.  Our experienced team of contractors can design and install custom paver projects of all types, including driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, and more. We offer many unique options of brick and stone to make your project stand out We have many different options of brick and stone to choose to give you exactly the look you want. Continue reading

Front Yard Water Features

Front Yard Water FeatureAre you looking to add an aesthetic water feature to your home? Want to make your front yard stand out from all the rest? At BDI Outdoor Solutions, Inc. our landscapers frequently install front yard water features in Oak Dale, North St. Paul, Roseville and New Brighton, MN, helping homeowners create beautiful landscapes with uniquely designed water features, from simple fountains to intricately designed aquatic gardens.

Landscape Water Features We Install

One of the benefits of choosing BDI as your water feature landscaping company is that we have experience installing a wide range of water features. Continue reading

Retaining Wall Contractor White Bear Lake MN

Are you looking to separate different parts of your yard that may be on different elevation? Often times, our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions near White Bear Lake, Minnesota hear customers complain about having issues dealing with slopes and landscaping on different levels within their yard. This can cause unwanted runoff and an inability for certain areas to properly grow. Luckily, our outdoor landscaping experts have a solution for you. Let us come install a durable retaining wall that will help you designate certain areas of your yard so that soil and natural areas are more level. Continue reading

Yard Care MN

Dave Ramsey, a financial mastermind who has made a life discussing how to experience financial freedom, has touched several times about whether or not to use a lawn care service. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we’re all ears. We want to know the best ways that we can help our clients dealing with any size budget. In one of his Q & A sessions, he discusses on whether or not professional lawn care maintenance is a feasible option. While budgeting is always an important role to Dave, his answer is an interesting one. Should you be focusing on mowing your lawn or should you be out in the world doing the trade that you were meant to do? At BDI Outdoor Solutions in Minnesota, we aren’t just a luxury, we’re a necessity. We are doing our best trade so that you can go out and do yours!

Commercial Landscaping Care

This gets us the most. When you are a commercial property owner, not only is yard work and lawn mowing time consuming for you, it is a guarantee that it will not be done at the level of efficiency that BDI Outdoor Solutions can do for you. First impressions mean a lot to potential clients. Let us perform your yard maintenance and keep your property looking clean and professional all throughout the year. We will perform snow removal in the winter months, leaf blowing and removal all year round, as well as mulching and weed control. Let us do our trade so that you can do yours.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

If you are even debating this in your home, you obviously have not given BDI Outdoor Solutions a try. We know that every family and property is different, not just landscaping wise. Budgets are important in a residence and we understand that. So when you sit down with our professionals here, we will establish a clear plan that fits your lawn care needs as well as your budget. Perhaps your budget includes weekly lawn mowing or perhaps you need something more in-depth like intensive tree and shrub pruning or insect care. Whatever spectrum you are on, we can work with you to make our services worth it. At the end of the day, a yard that is taken care of makes an immense difference in curb appeal. That is something that both our company and every homeowner can be proud of.

For more information about BDI Outdoor Solutions and our yard maintenance offered all year long in Minnesota, give us a call today at (651) 235-7411 or send us an email at joemeyer@bdioutdoorsolutions.com.

Landscaping Contractor MN

The exterior of your home offers your loved ones and guests that all important first impression of your property.  Keeping the outside of your home looking its best takes time, effort and a bit of an investment.  This season, you may be looking for help maintaining the outside of your home or you may have a vision of adding a patio, retaining wall or even a water feature to the outside of your home or property to add to its curb appeal.  BDI Outdoor Solutions of Minnesota can help you with all types of exterior home projects and can make your dreams for the exterior of your home a reality! Continue reading

Landscaping Contractor Minnesota

Landscaping is a very broad term. While some people think of landscaping as taking a rake to the yard when the wind blows, others think of it as beautifying the yard with garden designs and water features. The reality is that both of these answers are right. Landscaping can mean a variety of different things and at BDI Outdoor Solutions, we offer them all. With a broad scope of services, there is always something that BDI Outdoor Solutions can provide to your Minnesota property. Continue reading

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Spring is here and that means warmer temperatures, more time outdoors and flowers blooming. This time of year is also when residential yards and commercial property need the most attention. Grass begins to grow, weeds start to pop up and suddenly your property looks more like a jungle than a well groomed piece of property. BDI Outdoor Solutions of St. Paul, MN specializes in commercial lawn maintenance and will take great care of your property and help you make a great first impression to your clients and customers all year round. Continue reading

Stone Pavers St Paul

Needing a new, fresh look for your outdoor space? At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we install stone pavers for patios, walkways, sidewalks, and more for people in St Paul, MN. If you are searching for custom paver installation in either a residential or commercial property in St Paul, we are the perfect solution for you. With so many different options to choose from, and many years of experience in installation, BDI Outdoor Solutions is the ideal choice. From standard walkways and patios to enormous fire pits and outdoor kitchens, our stone pavers can make your next outdoor party an extravagant outdoor oasis. Continue reading

Paver Patio Contractor

Patio paving is like a gift that keeps on giving. It is a timeless way to add detail and charm to any outdoor landscape. If you are looking for a paver patio contractor in the St Paul, Oak Dale, White Bear Lake, Roseville, New Brighton, or Shoreview, MN area, look no further than BDI Outdoor Solutions. Continue reading

Power Washing Service

Looking for an affordable way to freshen and enhance the look of your home? Have spider webs, dirt and other debris built up on the exterior of your home? Mother nature leaves its mark year after year on your house, and our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions has a powerful way to revitalize the look of your home’s exterior. Serving St Paul, Oakdale, White Bear Lake, Roseville, New Brighton & Shoreview, MN, let our committed staff perform professional power washing services on your property. Continue reading