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Dave Ramsey, a financial mastermind who has made a life discussing how to experience financial freedom, has touched several times about whether or not to use a lawn care service. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we’re all ears. We want to know the best ways that we can help our clients dealing with any size budget. In one of his Q & A sessions, he discusses on whether or not professional lawn care maintenance is a feasible option. While budgeting is always an important role to Dave, his answer is an interesting one. Should you be focusing on mowing your lawn or should you be out in the world doing the trade that you were meant to do? At BDI Outdoor Solutions in Minnesota, we aren’t just a luxury, we’re a necessity. We are doing our best trade so that you can go out and do yours!

Commercial Landscaping Care

This gets us the most. When you are a commercial property owner, not only is yard work and lawn mowing time consuming for you, it is a guarantee that it will not be done at the level of efficiency that BDI Outdoor Solutions can do for you. First impressions mean a lot to potential clients. Let us perform your yard maintenance and keep your property looking clean and professional all throughout the year. We will perform snow removal in the winter months, leaf blowing and removal all year round, as well as mulching and weed control. Let us do our trade so that you can do yours.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

If you are even debating this in your home, you obviously have not given BDI Outdoor Solutions a try. We know that every family and property is different, not just landscaping wise. Budgets are important in a residence and we understand that. So when you sit down with our professionals here, we will establish a clear plan that fits your lawn care needs as well as your budget. Perhaps your budget includes weekly lawn mowing or perhaps you need something more in-depth like intensive tree and shrub pruning or insect care. Whatever spectrum you are on, we can work with you to make our services worth it. At the end of the day, a yard that is taken care of makes an immense difference in curb appeal. That is something that both our company and every homeowner can be proud of.

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Spring is here and that means warmer temperatures, more time outdoors and flowers blooming. This time of year is also when residential yards and commercial property need the most attention. Grass begins to grow, weeds start to pop up and suddenly your property looks more like a jungle than a well groomed piece of property. BDI Outdoor Solutions of St. Paul, MN specializes in commercial lawn maintenance and will take great care of your property and help you make a great first impression to your clients and customers all year round. Continue reading

Power Washing Service

Looking for an affordable way to freshen and enhance the look of your home? Have spider webs, dirt and other debris built up on the exterior of your home? Mother nature leaves its mark year after year on your house, and our team at BDI Outdoor Solutions has a powerful way to revitalize the look of your home’s exterior. Serving St Paul, Oakdale, White Bear Lake, Roseville, New Brighton & Shoreview, MN, let our committed staff perform professional power washing services on your property. Continue reading

Lawn Mowing Service For My Home

As summer quickly approaches, the grass has grown back and is beginning to return to its deep, rich green coloring we’ve been missing all winter. But just as your lawn begins to look its most beautiful again, it’s time to break out the lawn mower and cut it back. Or is it? For many homeowners, having a beautiful yard is one of the major benefits of owning a home – especially a home in beautiful Minnesota. But the downside to owning your own home is being in charge of all of your home’s maintenance. Between spring cleaning and taking care of everything inside your home as well as the springtime home improvements so many homeowners make, the prospect of mowing your lawn every week or two can simply seem like another project on your list – a project that’s much less enjoyable than repainting your siding or finding new patio furniture. That’s why at BDI Outdoor Solutions, Inc., we want to help make your spring, summer, and fall more enjoyable by letting you off the hook for all of your lawn mowing duties. We’ll help make sure you never have to mow your lawn this year by sending you our Oak Dale, North ST Paul, White Bear Lake, Roseville and New Brighton, MN lawn mowing contractors, who will make sure your lawn is perfectly mowed every time! Continue reading

Commercial Lawn Care Company

When you’re running a business, one of the most important things to consider is your property’s appearance – both inside and out. The way you maintain your property directly reflects on your care for your business, and when you’re looking to attract customers and new clients, it’s imperative that your property looks as well-kept on the outside as your operations are inside. But who has time to maintain their own business properties these days? No one. There’s simply too much to worry about when you’re running your own business, and taking the time to mow the lawn every day isn’t anyone’s top priority when there’s more important business to take care of. That’s why businesses look to professional lawn care companies like BDI Outdoor Solutions, Inc. to provide excellent commercial lawn maintenance services that can be trusted to make your property look beautiful year-round and be sure that your business is accessible and welcoming to everyone who pays a visit. With commercial lawn care contractors in the Oak Dale, North ST Paul, White Bear Lake, Roseville and New Brighton, MN areas, we’ll be sure to provide you with the best service whenever and wherever you need it. Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Do you want to be sure the outside of your business displays the quality of the business itself? A crucial part of maintaining a quality business is maintaining a well-kept landscape. But often times, it’s difficult – if not impossible – for business owners to make time to complete their own landscaping, from mowing the lawn to actually creating beautiful and intricate landscapes. If you’re like the vast majority of business owners, you’re in need of a reliable commercial landscaping company that can help make your property look exactly the way you want with new landscaping features as well as garden and landscape designs. With well-designed landscapes and a well-maintained lawn, you can be sure your business is representing the quality and care you give your entire business and your clients. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we have commercial contractors in North St. Paul, Oak Dale, North Oaks, Roseville and White Bear Lake, MN, offering business owners a range of landscaping installation and maintenance services, from construction work to gardening. Continue reading

Landscaping Contractor

As spring sets in and you begin looking around at your lawn, are you wondering how you’re going to get your property looking the way you’d like this year? Between maintaining the grass, plants, and fixtures on your property, personal landscaping can be a time-consuming and challenging task – especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools or experience to get the job done the way you’d like. Often times, DIY landscaping ends up being pretty far off from what you imagine when you begin a landscaping project, and by the time you’ve finished, you’ll probably wonder, “was that really worth it?” To make sure you’re completely satisfied you’re your landscaping and to save time on landscaping that can take one person days on end, why not hire the professionals to maintain and design your outdoor landscape? Whether it’s your home or your business, at BDI Outdoor Solutions, our landscaping contractors in North St. Paul, Oak Dale, North Oaks, Roseville and White Bear Lake, MN are always ready to tackle new and exciting landscaping project – whether it be taking on a new lawn care maintenance routine or providing a completely new landscape design! Continue reading

Landscaping Services

Summers in Minnesota are short, and as spring rolls around you want to make sure that you are ready to enjoy all those beautiful days outside in your yard. Maximizing the functionality of your outdoor space is what our team does best. We work with our customers to create a space that is enjoyable, beautiful and offer maintenance services to allow you to enjoy your yard as much as possible. If you are ready to update your yard, or if you do not have landscaping and are ready to invest, then we are the company for you. We are the White Bear Lake landscaping company, and are here to create a yard for your home. Continue reading

Landscaping Design Near Me

If you are ready to revitalize the look of your property in Oakdale, White Bear Lake or North St. Paul, MN, but have no idea where to start, it is time that you called on a reliable landscaping team. At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we are a professional crew that specializes in landscaping design near you. Regardless if you are looking to take baby steps with your landscaping design or if you want to tackle the entire property all at once, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading

Garden Designs & Landscaping Contractor

It’s that time of the year in Minnesota when all of our professionals start getting the itch. The itch to grow, the itch to plan, the itch to get outside and make something beautiful! At BDI Outdoor Solutions, we are excited about the spring and all that it has to offer. We are your local garden design and landscaping contractor that is frankly, just ready to get started on our next project. Serving Oakdale, White Bear Lake, Roseville, New Brighton, and Shoreview, MN, we have the right tools and experience to take your outdoor space and turn it into something you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading