Affordable Commercial Lawn Care For Small Businesses

BDI is a full service landscaping company that will help provide you with comprehensive design plan for you entire location whether it is residential or commercial, we can help you. When you are looking to maximize the value of every inch of your lawn with cost effective options, which include decks and gazebos, we are here for you. We want to make your Edina home great this summer. We want to make sure that your property is exactly what you want and you have a yard that you can enjoy year around, or at least on the days that are not below zero.

As most Minnesotans want to soak up the short few months of sunshine, many people would rather have BBQ’s and fun days out swimming, or relaxing rather than yard work. So why not do what you enjoy and have us help you with the work during the workdays so you can come home and have the yard you want.

Affordable Commercial Lawn Care For Small Businesses

If you are a business owner, it is important that your business looks sharp on the outside you are not scaring off customers, and instead building your clientele. Not only do we design landscapes for you, but we keep up on the maintenance of them to ensure you that they will look good not only immediately after they are built, but as time continues. Our design specialists can also suggest a broad array of plants and shrubs that are best-suited to our winter conditions.

We have an experienced design team and also experienced landscapers, which make a big difference when it comes to getting what you want. We also have many options so that you can design a landscape for your Bloomington home that is customized to what you want and prefer. We can add a dash of color, create natural boundaries and build something amazing for you to enjoy.

Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Add additional enjoyment to your life this summer with our comprehensive approach to landscaping. Give us an idea of what you need in your backyard or commercial property to make the summer one of the best of all time. We can customize your yard and build you a deck, patio and we can add customized features like firepits, outdoor kitchens, aquatic gardens and more! Trust your Minneapolis Landscapers and we are here to service around the twin cities including Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie and more with your landscaping needs.

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