Landscaping Design for Your Home and Business

Transform your outdoor spaces into original showplaces when you establish a partnership with the right landscaping design company in Oakdale, Minnesota. BDI Outdoor Solutions is staffed by creative design specialists and reliable lawn maintenance professionals who will provide you with the landscaping installation and maintenance you need for any season in Minnesota.

The seasons can change quickly here in the North Country, and you need a landscaping service and design professionals that know and adapt to the evolving needs of our natural surroundings. We take the time to learn as much as we can about how you intend to use your landscape over the course of a year. This allows us to create a grand plan that includes original retaining walls, functional waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, and whatever else you have your heart set on.

You can have an exquisite lawn that others will take notice of with our approach to gardening and seasonal care. We provide this landscaping service to both residential and commercial customers around the Twin Cities area. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in design and maintenance, and we’re ready to provide you with solutions for your home or business complex.

Landscaping Services

BDI Outdoor Solutions provides year round landscaping services. Whether you want a brand new landscape design installed or you just want seasonal maintenance, we can do it all. Included in our services are:

Whatever you are looking for, we can do for you. Want a fire pit inside a fountain? We can do that for you. And it looks quite good outside a resort or business headquarters. Anything you can dream of for the outside of your property can be achieved when you have BDI Outdoor Solutions handle the design and installation.

Efficient and Affordable Landscaping Installation

Take advantage of our prompt and professional approach to landscape design that begins with a design consultation. Give us a clear picture of what you need, including any foliage, retailing walls, and water features, and let us craft a plan of action that makes sense. Our design ideas allow you to maintain a combination of beauty and functionality when it comes to your lawn. Once a plan has been created, we can then move on to landscape installation.

We are able to adapt your needs to whatever sized space you have to work with. If you want a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, we have the tools and the talents needed for this type of project. These features allow you to take full advantage of every season Minnesota has to offer. After your installation project has been completed, we are ready to help you maintain this landscape with a recurring care plan.

A Flexible Landscaping Service

Keep your outdoor landscape and hardscape looking as good as new with our regularly-scheduled landscaping services. We keep your lawn trim and healthy, and clear away any mildew with our power washing process. Every season presents a unique challenge to any homeowner or property manager in need of affordable landscaping. We are ready to help you meet that challenge, even when you find yourself snowed in during the winter.

Keep invasive insects and pests at bay during the summer, and keep your driveways and walkways clear of snow during the winter when you make our team your partner for year-round landscaping management.

Contact us today for a broad array of lawn and garden maintenance services, including landscaping design, snow removal, and power washing. We proudly serve customers in the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, and surrounding communities.